Veteran Owned - Made in Colorado - Patent Pending

Blazin Bottles Has One Goal:

"We want to provide our users with an affordable, easy to clean, unique pipe, that can be hidden in plain sight!"

Here at Blazin Bottles, we believe that companies should be more transparent with their products in an attempt to make the purchasing decision process easier for everyone. When investing in a pipe that you will be using for a considerable amount of time, there are several questions that need to be answered before deciding on which pipe is for you. We hope that by giving our customers a greater level of transparency, we will help alleviate some of the stress caused during the decision making process.

What does a Blazin Bottle look like?

All Blazin Bottles products consist of either a new or recycled bottle as the steamroller chamber. Specifically because we use preexisting bottles as the foundation of our product, the design aspect of what our pipes can look like are endless! Because we have spent so much time refining our manufacturing process, we have the capability to transform both glass and crystal bottles into a Blazin Bottle! 

What makes Blazin Bottles different from traditional steamrollers?

While initially prototyping, we performed several tests on over 40 prototypes before settling on the final design. Some of the tests we performed included; testing bottle durability after modification, overall product usability, and of course functionality! The final design that was implemented across every Blazin Bottle has several technical advantages that separate it from other smoking devices. Below, you will find categories explaining a few key improvements that were made during our prototyping process.

Small Carburetor Design

After testing 12 different carburetor sizes, we concluded that bigger doesn’t always mean better. When smoking from a steamroller with a traditional carburetor, (usually a 1:1 ratio with the mouthpiece and the carb hole being the same size) it can be observed that the user will inhale all of the smoke in the chamber very quickly while only using a fraction their lung capacity. While this 1:1 ratio has been widely accepted and used across the industry for many years, our own testing provided a conclusion that led to a more efficient design.

We use a carburetor size that is slightly smaller than an index finger can cover, specifically .26 inches. The reason for this is simple, the smaller carburetor naturally enables our users to inhale deeper, using a larger portion of their total lung capacity. By using a larger percentage of one’s lung capacity, our users will naturally absorb more smoke because the deeper inhalation assists with the absorption and distribution of the product throughout the bloodstream. On top of this increased absorption rate, the smaller carburetor also provides a smoother hit due to how the oxygen is slowly introduced inside the chamber during use.

Metal Bowl Design

Our bowls are made of an aluminum alloy that is non-toxic, durable, and easy to remove as well as clean. While we understand that many smokers currently use glass bowls, we believe the aluminum alloy that we selected has many advantages over the glass bowl. After testing 6 different bowl designs (including both glass and metal) we concluded that the metal bowl was considerably more durable during drop testing as well as it dissipated heat much quicker than the glass bowls.

Chamber Size

We have an assortment of unique bottles in all different colors, shapes, and sizes. While some of our bottles have small chambers that are more geared toward personal use, others that we offer are large enough to share with friends! Whether you’re smoking alone or with a couple of friends, we have a Blazin Bottle for you!

How much is this going to cost me?

We have created a product for all budgets so that our customers can purchase a superior product without feeling like they spent a fortune. With affordability in mind, we have listed all of our pipes between the prices of $45 - $55 dollars. When determining the price for our product, we observed price points of locally blown glass as well as glass bought overseas. Our research concluded that you would typically pay anywhere from $60 - $120 for a comparable pipe with similar chamber sizes.

What do I receive for the money?

We believe that when you buy a smoking device you should never have to guess where it comes from. When purchasing a Blazin Bottle, you can rest assured that we modify every bottle by hand here in Colorado! Once each bottle has been cut and the holes have been sanded down, we hand wash and polish the bottle before it makes its way to your front door!

We also believe that if you are spending your hard earned money on a smoking device, that you should get more than just the bottle and one bowl, which is why all of our Blazin Bottles come with a Blazin Kit. If you are not interested in displaying your bottle as a vase or as a decoration, the Blazin Kit includes the Blazin Bag for storage while your bottle is not in use. We also provide the Blazin Bowl Holder for the 2 different sized bowls (Blazin Bowl, Blazin Party Bowl) that are included. This small keychain container seals airtight so you can store your bowls without the concern of any odors. The kit also contains a vinyl sticker as well as a wax sealed welcome letter that gives an overview of how to care for your new Blazin Bottle!