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Indepth Product Reviews:

We think our bottles are pretty great, but don't take our word on it, take it from our users!

Review From:

"Blazin Bottles are for the smoker who doesn’t have time to deal with ridiculously complex bongs, thousand-dollar rigs, or the desire to have a flamboyant smoking device out and laying around."

Press Release From: Ganjapreneur

"When not in use, Blazin Bottles can be discreetly displayed anywhere within your home..."

Review From: Marijuana Writers

"We’re extremely impressed with the performance and overall quality of each of our amazin Blazin Bottles!"

Review From: Sprout News

"Blazin Bottles has a unique carb that is much smaller than one would expect. I found this made my hits, surprisingly, extremely smooth."

Review From: Mrs. Nice Guy

"If you’re using the Triangle Bottle alone make sure you say your prayers because you’ll need lungs like Michael Phelps if you hit this and don’t cough."

Review From:

"Bang I’m high! NO really, on the first hit I underestimated the power behind this pipe. I also realized why its called a Blazin Bottle. Call me tight eyes! The hit on this is big!"

Review From: Meredith Silverman

"I think Blazin’ Bottles are gonna be the Next Big Thing on the cannabis-smoking circuit because they’re NOT as expensive as some of those crazy $300 electric bongs out there."

Review From:

"Simply put, I absolutely love it! Very unique as a pipe, in that it’s ‘just a bottle’ when not in use. Perfect for being discreet."