Veteran Owned - Made in Colorado - Patent Pending


You asked, We delivered! Send in your favorite glass bottle and have it transformed into your very own Blazin Bottles Novelty Steamroller Pipe!

How does it work? 

Step 1: Decisions, Decisions!

Determine which glass bottle you would like transformed, and measure your bottle to determine which "Build-A-Bottle" size is for you.

Bottle Size Specifications

Height: Up to 11 Inches

Width: Up to 3 ½ inches


          Height: Up to 15 Inches

          Width: Up to 6 inches

Step 2: Select "Build-A-Bottle" Size!

Add the appropriate "Build-A-Bottle" size plan to your cart and complete the checkout process. Upon order completion, we will send out a prepaid shipping package straight to your door. 

Step 3: Send Your Bottle!

Upon receiving your prepaid shipping package, follow the directions provided in the package and the bottle will be on its way to our manufacturing facility!

Step 4: Relax!

Once your bottle arrives it will begin the transformation process, and we will notify you when your brand new Blazin Bottle is in the mail on its way back to your door! 

Step 5: ENJOY! 

All Blazin Bottles include the selected Blazin Bottle, Blazin Bowl, Blazin Party Bowl, Blazin Bowl Holder, Blazin Bottle Bag, and a Blazin Bottles vinyl sticker!
**Blazin Bottles is not responsible for any broken or damaged bottles that might occur during both shipping and/or manufacturing process. Blazin Bottles reserves the right to reject and return any bottle if it is deemed “unsafe” to modify. We do not suggest sending any bottle that is “irreplaceable” as accidents do happen and we cannot guarantee its safety during the shipping process.